Arlene Quinn from Live Life Lightly is an Actionable Consulting Partner for Actionable Conversations.TM Actionable Conversations are for busy leaders who care — about their people, about what they do, and about making work a more meaningful experience. Actionable Conversations turn ideas from top business books into leader-led conversations and action plans for you and your team.
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“Better relationships, one conversation at a time.”


The Engaged Individual Pyramid

The pyramid represents the six core competency areas of top performers in the 21st Century. Like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, these competencies must be developed in a particular sequence (bottom to top) to create lasting change.

A person who demonstrates mastery over these six areas is the definition of an Engaged Individual; someone with the skills and attitude to go beyond their job description in the service of their team, their company and/or their customer.

One good conversation
can shift the direction
of change forever.

Millennials may not be the first generation to be frustrated with bureaucracy and hierarchy, but they are the first generation to have been given the tools, on a huge scale, to get around them.


Commitment Engine

The follow up “Commitment Engine” tracks professional growth and behavior change, through a combination of peer accountability, gamification and behavioral psychology.

“Ideas are
only valuable
when applied.”

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Actionable Conversations:
Good for Individuals, Teams + Organisations

Actionable Conversations provide managers with tools to build better relationships in the workplace, one conversation at a time. These one-hour, leader-led conversations, leverage ideas from popular business books to tackle current real business challenges.

Investing just 1 hour/month
into Actionable Conversations
  • Develops Stronger Leaders

    • The best way to learn is to teach.
    • Develops facilitation + coaching skills.
    • Increases leadership credibility.
  • Develops Individual Skills

    • 42 modules to choose from, ensuring relevant learning.
    • Fresh insights from popular business books.
  • Enhances Team Culture

    • The #1 factor affecting employee engagement is workplace relationships.

    • Sessions foster deeper relationships + trust.

    • Teams work through real business issues in a collaborative format.


“Our work, our relationships,
and our lives succeed or fail
one conversation at a time.”

Find out more.

Contact Arlene to discuss your organisation’s needs further or to try one Actionable Conversation TM­ for free.

Explore the complete catalogue of leader-led conversation topics here.


Arlene Quinn is a professional facilitator, speaker and coach who works with individuals and business clients. Arlene holds the prestigious Professional Certified Coach qualifications from International Coach Federation and is a CoachU Certified Graduate.